With so many Americans looking to go back to school and earn their college education, more and more scholarship opportunities are being presented to help the brightest and best students pay for their education.  Many times a scholarship application will require the student to write an essay on a topic that relates to the organization awarding the scholarship money.  These essays are usually the determining factor of whether or not you receive the scholarship, which makes them an extremely important part of the scholarship application process.  Below are a few things you will want to avoid when writing your next scholarship essay.

  • Being Rushed: It can be extremely easy to lose sight of all of the various scholarship deadlines, which means you may be rushed when writing some of your essays.  Keeping a detailed timeline of when certain applications are due will allow you to budget your time wisely so that you are not rushed when writing those critical essays.
  • Not understanding your target audience:  Each scholarship opportunity is presented by a different group or organization.  You want to write your essay so that it is speaking to that specific group and addressing the types of characteristics they are looking for in a scholarship candidate.
  • Choosing a boring topic:  One of the best ways to stick out from the crowd is to tackle a touchy subject.  By choosing an attention grabbing topic for your essay you will be sure to grab the reader’s attention allowing him or her to easily remember your essay before all of the other applicants’.
  • Grammatical Errors:  Perhaps the easiest way to eliminate yourself from a scholarship competition is to have an essay full of grammatical errors.  Have someone proofread your essay several times so that you can be sure that your essay is free of any errors and makes coherent sense.

Keeping these tips in mind while writing your next college scholarship essay is sure to help your application stick out from the masses.


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